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Strawberry Charlotte

Charlotte are a classic French desserts composed of a mold of liqueur-soaked ladyfingers surrounding a rich Bavarian cream or mousse filling. This one combines a suave kirsch-and strawberry spiked white chocolate mousse with fresh, ripe strawberries. You could think of this charlotte as a sort of strawberry shortcake… if strawberry shortcake spent a year in Paris and came back unrecognizably glamorous!

Strawberries and Triple-Cream Cheese with Basil Cookies

Triple the pleasure with creamy Delice de Bourgogne! This triple cream cow’s milk cheese melts on the tongue like whipped butter. The cookies are extremely light and fluffy, fragrant with sweet basil. With fresh ripe strawberries in simple vanilla syrup, not only is this cheese course beautiful, it is easy to make and absolutely delicious.