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Mustard-Roast Chicken

Requiring a mere 30 minutes to roast to crisp-skinned perfection, this recipe is adapted from one by Jacques Pepin. Coating the chicken with a savory mix of mustard, herbs, spices, and wine, then roasting it quickly at high temperature produces a flavorful, juicy chicken, and delicious pan juices.

Ultimate Roast Potatoes

Crisp outside, fluffy inside, roast potatoes are a universal favorite. For superlatively flavorful and crunchy roast potatoes, rough up their exterior surfaces and toss them with a small quantity of flour before roasting, use duck fat as the cooking medium, and serve as soon as they are done — if they sit too long, they become soggy.

Strawberry Charlotte

Charlotte are a classic French desserts composed of a mold of liqueur-soaked ladyfingers surrounding a rich Bavarian cream or mousse filling. This one combines a suave kirsch-and strawberry spiked white chocolate mousse with fresh, ripe strawberries. You could think of this charlotte as a sort of strawberry shortcake… if strawberry shortcake spent a year in Paris and came back unrecognizably glamorous!

Raspberry (or Strawberry) Chocolate Macarons

Macarons, with their crisp shells and soft fillings, are the current darlings of the pastry scene. Admittedly tricky to make, their finicky nature has resulted in countless, wildly different recipes to produce ‘proper’ macarons, with thin, crisp, un-cracked shells and bubbly ‘feet’ at the base. This recipe uses an Italian meringue as its [...]

Morel, Sausage and Coulommiers Omelet

Omelets are good, quick weeknight fare. Stuffed with garlicky French sausage, morels, and creamy cheese, they’re also sublime. Coulommiers is a cousin of Brie — made in the same region but with a slightly stronger flavor and a tendency to transform from creamy and solid to unctuously oozy when warmed.